As an end user or operator, preventing your infrastructures from corrosion with a protective coating during their designed service life is one of the most critical and cost-effective measures of your operations.

The challenge starts with understanding where, what, when, and why the corrosion could occur and what coating systems should be designed. It then goes to what coating specification requirements should be written, how to choose a coating applicator, what inspection programs shall be implemented, and how to do maintenance and repair… The corrosion and coating-related issue is often a complicated one, and your in-house resource might not necessarily have the experience and skills to deal with it.

Are you struggling with what a coating specification shall be written for a design life of 15, 30, or 50 years? Costs of corrosion and coating maintenance increase dramatically. Do you need a reliable but cost-effective coating solution? Do you ever have young engineers who are lack of experience in dealing with corrosion and coating-related issues?

  • “We don’t know what coating or insulation system shall be used.”
  • “Our integrity and safety are slipping, and at a risk due to coating issues.”
  • “The coating quality is not so good but we don’t know what is to look for.”
  • “There is a coating failure but we don’t know the cause.”
  • “We’re run out of our budget for coating repair.”



Growing coatings sales under current business conditions are daunting.

Tough markets are becoming relentlessly tougher, domestically and globally. Regulatory, competitive, and cost pressures are increasing. Not only are external forces at play, but financial and staffing constraints compound the challenges of doing business, profitably, in the coatings industry.

Are your company’s targets growing faster than your results? Are projections increasingly unrealistic? Do you need a breakthrough in sales growth – and profitability? Do you ever hear these kinds of comments from your team?

  • “We keep missing our numbers.”
  • “Our technology edge is slipping, and performance.”
  • “Our coatings simply aren’t innovative, or keeping pace with competitors.”
  • “We don’t have a clear strategy our staff can support.”
  • “We’re constantly being squeezed on margins.”

Perhaps it’s time for you to inject new perspectives and ideas through fresh eyes. And additional expertise. Again, GCA is committed to helping our end-user clients resolve coating-related issues, and to advancing our coating supply/manufacturing clients to grow their businesses.